About Justice Fergie

Stacey Ferguson, known online as Justice Fergie, is a personal branding specialist, digital content and events producer and Chief Curator of the Be Blogalicious community and conferences.

As Founder and Creative Director of Justice Fergie Lifestyle Media, she helps women up their lifestyle quotient by building their personal brands, identifying their passions, and by providing events and inspiration for living richly.  Stacey is also a tech attorney by trade and regularly consults with both startups and established brands on brand strategy, social media best  practices, and digital content.

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A Special Gift

As a member of the inaugural {re}Brand Yourself class, I’m offering you a FREE consultation session on an isolated project that you’re working on.

Is it a book? An event? A website? A product? Let’s discuss!  

During the session I’ll provide constructive feedback from a branding and business perspective AND, because I’ve made countless priceless connections with so many over the years, I’ll make one personal introduction for you to a talented professional who can help you reach your goals.

Oh yeah buddy!

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{re}Brand Yourself is a targeted, ½ day master class in how to reinvent yourself, your business or your brand the SMART and SIMPLE way.

No more stalling. No more excuses. No more fear. Let's get it done!

Why You Need This:

5 Reasons With YOU at the Center.

You Care.

Posted by Justice Fergie on Nov 15, 2012

You take your brand seriously.  And so does your audience.  Sure, you could throw something together and change your positioning overnight, but you want to rebrand the RIGHT way.An effective rebrand takes into consideration: Who your audience is; How they might...

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You Need a Blueprint.

Posted by Justice Fergie on Nov 15, 2012

Every great building, city, machine, and business begins with a blueprint.  The reason is simple: a well-thought out foundation will make for a solid project.  You put a great deal of thought into your present  brand (or perhaps you didn’t and that’s why...

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It’s Time for You to Refocus.

Posted by Justice Fergie on Nov 15, 2012

Seasons change. People change. ~ Expose {Remember that song?} Maybe you’ve finally honed in on the heart of your brand.  Perhaps you’ve grown away from your original focus.  Or it could be that you’ve discovered a completely different passion or...

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You Need a Jumpstart.

Posted by Justice Fergie on Nov 15, 2012

Your existing brand is tired and rusty and needs a jumpstart.  It could be that all you need is a tweak here and there but you need help to figure out exactly what needs refreshing.  With so many components to consider – your physical assets (think: logo,...

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You’ve Outgrown Your Current Brand.

Posted by Justice Fergie on Nov 15, 2012

It happens to the best.  You’re newly inspired. You’ve learned a ton. Living and working on purpose takes time and everything you’ve accomplished up until this point has led you to find your personal superbrand. But how do you let the world know...

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What You'll Takeaway:

A Clear Focus. A Concrete Plan of Action. A New & Improved Brand.

What We'll Cover:

4 Dedicated Hours of Case Studies, Personal Exercises & Your Very Own Rebranding Roadmap.

After the virtual workshop, you’ll come away with:

  1. A concrete list of rebranding Do’s and Don’ts based on tried and true case studies and research.
  2. A powerful and direct mission statement and persona for your new brand.
  3. The nuts and bolts of each step involved in a comprehensive rebranding process, distilled in a non-scary format.
  4. An intimate group of peers that will help guide you through your rebrand process.
  5. A personal consultation call to customize the course content for you and your brand.


And the confidence, motivation and method to {re}Brand Yourself!

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